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JAVE Company was born when Bologna fair started up a new headquarter in Costituzione square (where is till now).
From the beginning JAVE set his focus on build and set customized stands, taking care on all details, co-operating with customers, collecting good references for care work, materials quality, courtesy and helpfulness, competition prices, research of innovative shapes and materials.

JAVE Company is developed from family business to company, growing up with experience, new machineries, mainly for carving (wood is main material for a lot of stands) and a new warehouse where build, pre set, stock of all materials.

Recently JAVE Company invests in computer infra-structure for growing up, especially in designing and showing stands to customers

Now we look to the future!


Mary Quant Stand Toy Kaloderma Stand Sinudyne Stand The first Jave logo Amarena Fabbri Stand Nordmende Stand

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